Surrealism is the new Real

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Suffering for the Art

Every time I do a show of any kind, I always make the same lament. "I should have started sooner." "I should have done this in small spurts through the year, and not waited until right before the show." "I should have refilled my supplies by now."

It's not an intentional lack of planning, it's just that after a show I tend to forget quickly, and though it will occur to me through the months that I should really pick up more matte board or foam core, and restock my watercolour paper, I still end up waiting until the week before the show to actually start working on the practical framing and presentation of my art. This usually results in a great presentation, but a very sore back and more often than not, some creative improvisation for backing or things that might actually be considered a frame. This time, along with being short on time and supplies, it's hot as hell outside, which tends to make me somewhat lethargic. It's a bad combination.

This weekend is no exception. At least today I have a full day to work, and take breaks between sessions of madly cutting boards and framing pieces that will be going up tomorrow at Anime North, or in a couple week at the Artist's Walk. I know artists are known for suffering for their art, but honestly there are days like today when I'm aware that half the suffering is self-inflicted. Tonight, when I'm satisfied with a job well done, I'll still be sitting on the couch, rubbing my lower back, and trying to think of ways to remind myself to keep caught up on my supplies.