Surrealism is the new Real

Friday, December 31, 2010

Another Year... almost

I keep intending to further this blog, and I keep getting so busy with life, the universe, and everything but the kitchen sink that it gets set in the background, waiting for me to return. My dog would make puppy eyes at me, and maybe even a few huffing noises to encourage me. The blog however does not have eyes or the ability to make cute noises at me to get my attention. (Not without help, anyway.)

2010 has been a very intense year, but it's not over. It never is, actually. For most people, New Year's Eve is a tie of renewal, a chance to make resolutions and start out anew. For me, it's only an excuse to get together with friends and to drink socially, then go home and sleep in for a day before going back to the grind. The time for renewal for me is Lunar New Year.

I'm not Asian, nor am I of Asian descent, but regardless Lunar New Year seems to have more governance over my life than the Gregorian calendar. Since my vacation in Taiwan in early 2007 for the Lunar New Year celebrations (which were spectacular) I have found that my life tends to be book-ended by that time, as opposed to the traditional Western New Years Eve. January still seems to be a tag along with last year's issues and torments, and by the time February rolls around, things have changed - usually for the better - and I'm feeling more "renewed". This year will be no exception. Several major changes are coming down the pipe, but won't be in effect or finished until the last day of Lunar New Year 2011.

What are they? I'm not even sure myself. Events around me seem to be ruled by the Twin Patron Saints of Irony and Serendipity. If there can be a connection, it will happen. (Or won't.) My hope is that at this time, things will serendipitously fall into place, as they have in previous times. I'm ready for a new beginning. I have art shows I want to put together, and projects that need to be brought to light. I have sketches that need to be turned into completed pieces, and a move to make.