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Monday, July 1, 2013

Book Cover: Falling from the Sky

I had the pleasure of working with Phillip Winberry, author of Falling from the Sky, in creating a cover for his book to give the reader a hint of the contents, as well as the setting. It was done in acrylics on an 24x36" canvas, with the wording added digitally later. I very much enjoyed this project, and was almost sad when it was done. Falling from the Sky will be in publication in August 2013, though an exact date has not yet been specified.

     It was pointed out to me that B-17 bombers shouldn't be the ones bombing an English manor, since they were used primarily by the Americans in WWII. You would be correct, historically, but as this is a mystery novel... you might want to read it before screaming foul. ;) The synopsis for the book is posted below.

When American B-17 pilot Alex Kent isn’t struggling to survive World War II bombing raids in the skies over Germany he busies himself pursuing a conundrum with even greater danger:  uncovering the lost heritage of William Kent, his seventh great-grandfather.  Nothing is known about William’s life prior to his arrival in 1740 colonial Virginia as an eleven-year-old indentured servant.  Family folklore suggests he might have been a member of the English aristocracy.  Over the generations several Kent family members have tried to prove that belief.  None succeeded.  Some died trying.

On leave in war torn London from his bombing duties, Alex meets Lady Sarah Perkins, fiancĂ©e of the Duke of Wyeford’s only son.  Alex and Sarah soon realize they are attracted to one another and she agrees to help him with his quest for William’s heritage.

When the duke learns of their efforts, he understands Alex poses a threat to the conspiracy of silence concocted two hundred years earlier to deny William his birthright.  Discovery of the conspiracy would topple the Wyeford dynasty.  The duke vows to take whatever actions are necessary to see that never happens.  Danger and tension escalate as Alex’s quest barrels toward a conclusion that will reveal shocking truths.