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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My Silly Geek Hobby.

We all have our hobbies. Being an artist, I'm entitled to all kinds of weird hobbies, though I do limit it to things not in danger of getting me arrested, sick, or maimed. One of my personal hobbies (within the realm of fandom) is getting autographed pictures of my favourite icons and actors. Not just any pictures: Portraits. It's something unique for me. And no, they aren't something I resell. They're MINE.

Most recently I was fortunate enough to be able to make it to Toronto to see the Bloggess, aka Jenny Lawson, in person. I have only recently started reading her blog (maybe 6 months ago) and already I'm in love with her writing, and her book. So I did a drawing of her, and asked her to sign it.

The Bloggess, Pencil (c) 2012 Desiree

Her reaction was mainly silence for a good 30 seconds. Some famous folks have seen other portraits (I'm sure I'm not the only geek that does this) and had fairly neutral reactions. Jenny seemed stunned and genuinely touched by the art. Once her voice returned she asked for a copy, which I promptly emailed tonight. It's now safely tucked away with Linda Hamilton and Wil Wheaton. When I have a house with lots of walls, I'll be framing them all and putting them up so I can say "I totally met all these people and enjoyed it  because Iiiiii'm a geek." 

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