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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Poor Man's Fight

     Recently I had the honour and privilege of working with Elliott Kay, author of "Poor Man's Fight", a dark future Science Fiction novel (available on Amazon). He wanted something a little different than the usual "space ship or planet" background a lot of Sci-Fi novels seem to sport these days, so we went with something a little less vast and a little more intimate. The idea was to focus less on the "space" aspect, and more on the intimate details that would tell part of the story without revealing too much.

      Elliott liked the style I had used for my fan drawing of Boba Fett, so I went with the same media, and cooler colours to reflect the isolated feel. It was a fun project, and I look forward to working with Elliott again.

      The next project is one I have been looking forward to for months, also involving Space. I'll be doing a mural focused on Space, and different aspects of human interaction with the vastness that is our universe, for a 6 year old autistic boy. The Mars Rover, the International Space Station, the Discovery shuttle (the last to fly within the boy's lifetime) and with the pending permission, I intend to add in references to different Sci-fi series, like Star Trek, Star Wars and Babylon 5. It's going to be pretty darn epic. I'll be doing a special post with all the stories behind the different aspects when it's done in 3 weeks.

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